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Life has been cruising along at a rapid pace, so I thought I better write another post before three more months have flown by.

I have completed my first semester at a German university, and I somehow survived.:) I am still waiting on about half of my marks, but I have been happy with the marks I have received so far. The course has been really interesting, but also extremely challenging. I never took physics in high school and so that was a bit of a steep learning curve. Overall, I really like the 50/50 split of STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Communication classes, but if I am totally honest, I kind of prefer the STEM ones best. I think it is the structure I like more than the subjects, and maybe that will change when our second Comm professor gets hired. Currently, we only have one professor that teaches all the Comm subjects, and like most things, I think variety is nice, as well as, experiencing different teaching styles. I worked as an intern for one of the professors at the university during the semester break (5 weeks). He has a non-profit company that he wanted to spruce up a bit, so I built a new website for it, as well as, created some brochures that detail different projects the non-profit supports. I really enjoyed the work even though it was quite challenging at times.

We have lived in our little house for a year now! (Just realised again that I never posted a house tour. Maybe I should just load the pictures I took when we moved in, and maybe do another one that shows the changes we have made since then.) It is still crazy to me that we have lived in Germany for a year and a half. It seems like it has been so much longer and yet we are still figuring lots of stuff out. I just wish we could jet back to Calgary this spring/summer. I have a new baby niece, Ella, that was born at the beginning of March, and a little nephew due sometime in May. I am definitely missing the baby cuddles. </3 It will be nice to have my littlest sister here for a bit this fall, and hopefully my parents as well. :) Paul and I have already started planning what things we want to see whilst they are here. There are so many places I want to visit and show them, we will really have to plan everything out so we have time to see as much as possible.

Well, that is a little update of what has been going on around here since January.



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