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Yay, so I finally get to fill this little blog with some big, exciting news. We, my husband, pup, and I, are moving to Germany! :) As exciting as this news is, it's also terrifying, exhilarating, sad, happy, scary, amazing, and maybe even a little crazy! As we have been telling family and friends our news, we have gotten a few questions asked again and again, so I thought I would do a little Q & A. The first question people usually ask is, WHY? So let's start there.

1.) Why?  Well, it's because of a few things really. Firstly, we found that Canada and Germany have a pretty sweet deal going on where we could go to school for a few hundred dollars a semester vs. a few thousand dollars a semester here. The catch? You need to be under 35 years old and be willing to learn German. Secondly, my husband and I really want to travel, and what better way than to live in Europe for a bit. Travelling between European countries is crazy cheap! (I think that's the part I am most excited about!) Lastly, what better time than now? We don't have kids yet, and we are still (relatively) young, :) 

2.) What are you going to be taking in school? My husband will be getting a degree in mechtronics and I haven't decided which program I want to pursue, either business, early childhood development or bio science.

3.) What is the cost of living compared to here? It's about the same as in Calgary. I KNOW!!! This surprised us as well since the Euro is about $1.50 to our dollar. Most things either compare or are equaled out by different factors. For example, a two bedroom flat is about 450 EUR a month. which equals to about $700 CAD, so much cheaper than in Calgary where the average two bedroom basement suite is $1000.00 or more. Groceries are a little bit more costly, but they are GMO free and mostly organic. We will be using transit or bikes to get to school, so we won't need a car for at least a bit, and definitely won't need two vehicles, like we have right now in Canada.

4.) When are you leaving? This detail is still pending. We are looking at flights around the end of July, beginning of August.

5.)  What is the time difference from Calgary to Germany? 8 hours, so not too bad. I hope to be able to skype my family and friends regularly, and will also continue writing this blog to keep people updated by posting pictures, stories of interactions with our new country men and woman, as well as, how we are adjusting to living in a new country.

6.) Where will you be living? We are moving to a small town called Kleve (pronounced kleev-ah). You can read a bit about it here. We will be attending the Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences.

7.) How long will you be gone for? 3 years minimum. We have tentitive plans to comeback to Calgary for a visit next summer, but don't have solid plans at the moment.

8.) Do you know German? No, but we are both learning, and already starting to pick it up quickly, so hopefully by the time we get there, we won't sound too silly. :)

I know I will miss my family like crazy! In fact, just now my eyes welled up with tears just thinking about it, but I know that this is an adventure like non other. As hard as it might be, and as homesick as I might get, I know that I am very blessed to have this opportunity, and have lots of people to care about and miss!

10 things you might not know about Germans - I am not sure if these are all true, or not, but we have already come across a few of these, like trying to find an apartment with a kitchen. Lots have just empty space where the appliances would go, and plumbing pipes sticking out of the wall where the kitchen sink should be! LOL :)

And here are a few pictures of our soon to be new home :)

Our apartment is on the main level.


Living room


  1. SOoo stoked for you and SOOoo sad at the same time. Will miss you crazy much. But I am also excited you are venturing out into the unknown. You will never regret taking adventures :) Love you forever!

  2. this is going to be so amazing for you guys! and yes ... an adventure like none other!! the stories, experiences, and everyday life you will go through will all come with a new life perspective. i can't wait to see and grow (as much as i can over here!) with you.

    the only downer?? i am going to miss you like crazy, dear friend! i love you!


    1. Oh my Sarah, I will miss you terribly as well!!! I am glad we live in an age where we can skype and text even though we might be miles apart.

      I love you, and so appreciate all your love and support!


  3. This is soooooo exciting and challenging and well, all of what you've said. And guess what, my only nephew is moving to Germany in August too! - he's doing post-doctoral work at a university there (he's some kind of space engineer LOL). Let's keep in touch - I used to speak German and can still read it reasonably ok. Bye for now! (hope to see you before you leave - I'm currently in Ontario settling my mother into a new place and closing out our family home here). ~Dianne


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