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I initially put this post together almost a year ago, but I was missing a few pictures and then I had updated different parts so it wasn't really current anymore. I have decided to post it anyway, because who knows when I will actually get around to taking new pictures.

Our new house is way different than the apartment we first moved into after arriving in Germany. I had mixed emotions about moving to this new house. Rent was cheaper, but the area looked a bit rough. When we told local friends where we were moving, they let us know that we were, in fact, moving to an area that used to be very rough! For Calgarians, think Inglewood. The city of Kleve has been making improvements to the community, though, and it is looking much better. Our neighbours are great, and it is really nice to have our own entrance, especially with having a dog. We are planning to stay here for a while, and I love our little house. Anyway, let's get to the tour. :)

The front of our house. 
Top floor windows: Left: washroom. Right: Guest bedroom.
Main floor window: Kitchen 
Basement window: Main Bathroom

Front porch towards living room
storage room

The kitchen is pretty small, but we are going to put shelves up above the counters. Just need to actually rent the heavy duty drill from the hardware store. (Shelves are installed which is so much nicer since counter space is extremely limited.)


Living room with Balcony


 Stairs heading upstairs.

Heading towards the Master Bedroom 

Looking out from the Master Bedroom

Looking down the hall towards the washroom & stairs. The washroom has a toilet & a shower. 

Spare bedroom. Always ready for visitors! :)

So that's our little house. Hope you enjoyed the little tour. :)



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