Happy 2016!

Wow, It is January, and school starts again tomorrow. *insert weeping here* It feels like these last two weeks have really flown by. Exams begin at the end of the month, so it is about to get really crazy around our house. I just thought I would write this quick blog post before everything goes haywire. I came across a blog that writes a 'favourite things' list every month, and I thought I might copy it, and do a list of all my favourite things I enjoyed this past year using the prompts she used.


Favourite Television Program
Hmm, I couldn't really choose a favourite so I will put my top two. :)

Daredevil - I really, really, really liked this series. It was nice to have a superhero show where the hero was a relatively normal guy. No x-ray vision, or spandex suit, just a blind guy with great reflexes. :)
Downton Abbey - The last season was my very favourite! I thought that they did a great job wrapping everything up, and redeeming a few characters that I didn't like in previous episodes.

Favourite Photo

Neuschwanstein Castle - I love this picture - even though it got a bit cut off at the top. It looks so magical, and one can totally imagine some sort of fairytale happening here. I am so glad we got to visit this beautiful place this summer.

Favourite Piece of Clothing
Probably leggings, haha! Seriously, leggings are the best!

Favourite Way I Spent My Time
Reading! My sister told me to get an online Calgary Public Library card so I did, and it is amazing! I was able to read so much this summer, and I only wish I had time to read more now. Hopefully, I can get some serious reading in during the semester break in Feb/March. :)

Favourite Food
Hmm, this is a hard one. I like food way too much, and lucky for me I married an amazing cook!
Paul has been making a lot of Bengali food lately and I really love it. He also makes a mean Thai coconut soup which we have been eating at least once a week for the past two months!

Favourite Drink
Moeglingen Süss & Fruchtig Württemberg Samtrot - This is a delicious red sweet wine. It tastes so yummy with cheese. I am not a big wine drinker (or alcohol in general) but this one is really good.

Favourite Event Or Occasion
CARA'S WEDDING! I still can't believe that I was able to travel to Calgary, and be a part of my sister's wedding day. It was so much fun, and getting to visit with family and friends did my heart soo much good.

Favourite Song
I have way too many favourite songs to only list one. So I will just list my favourite album this month: Michael Buble's Christmas album - I pretty much listened to it on repeat all month. :)

Favourite Thing I Used This Year
Hmm, I think it maybe our immersion blender/food processor. After living without a blender for almost a year, we decided that in order to survive the summer heat we needed some sort of blender thingy to make smoothies and slushies with. It is great because we can use it to blend soups too. We have used the food processor part to make salsa and guacamole, as well as a myriad of other things. It really has made life a little bit easier.

Favourite Blog
I had quite a list of blogs I was following, but then school started and the blogs were one of the first things to go. However, I always make sure to keep up with my dear friends blog. She writes from the heart, and I love reading about her life.

Favourite Instagram Account
This is another hard one. I love all the accounts I follow, however, I like to follow accounts that post little videos like this, this, or this

Favourite YouTube Channel
This was an easy one - definitely has to be my sisters vlog. I love getting to watch their goings on, and getting to see my nephew grow up week by week.


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