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I had such a wonderful time in Calgary, and it seems crazy that is has been a month since I was there. The first week was spent helping prepare for the bachelorette party and wedding. The second week I tried to spend as much time with loved ones as possible. I wasn't able to meet up with a few people sadly, but I am so grateful for the amount of time that I did have. It was hard to say goodbyes again, but it was much easier to leave this time since my wonderful husband and puppy were waiting at our home. When we first came to Germany, I had only seen a few pictures of the apartment we had rented and had no idea what to expect upon landing in a new country. Experiencing leaving Calgary this second time, I realized how hard that had been for me. It was much nicer this time to know exactly where I was going. :)

A few days before leaving Calgary, I had some GREAT news! I was officially accepted into the university here in Kleve. FINALLY! I am super excited to go to school along with Paul and looking forward to making some new friends. Taking online university classes was extremely difficult for me, especially being 8 hours ahead, and thousands of miles away from any of the other students. I definitely have huge respect for the people who are completing their degrees through this process, that is for sure! 

Now that I am a student here, I had to apply for a student visa. Once I recovered from pretty severe jetlag, I started the process of applying and have spent many days getting paperwork sorted out, going to various government offices, filling out more paperwork, etc. Everything is done now, and I am just waiting for the new visa to come in. :) Mostly though, I have been enjoying these last few weeks before school starts. Lots of reading, movie watching, and afternoon naps. The weather has been cold and rainy the last few weeks but has started warming up the past two days. Classes don't start here until September 28th, but Paul has two exams next week, and then we are going to go on a quick road trip to visit our friends who moved to the other side of Germany. They live in an absolutely gorgeous area, and I am super excited to see more of this beautiful country I live in. :)

Paul & I have started working on a little project together, and I am totally pumped about it. {No, I am NOT expecting a baby. ;) I need to finish my school before we start that kind of project}. Stay tuned for our official reveal. I am hoping we will have the first one ready before classes start at the end of this month.

Well, that's all I have for now. Have a wonderful day wherever you are! <3

Picture: Lake Louise, Alberta - August 2015


  1. haha! right, well... we started a blog (www.waterscrossed.wordpress.com) in order to post stuff like documentary style videos of different things we have encountered in Germany, but we never finished editing the first video. Hopefully at some point we will finish it and maybe even make some more.


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