Friday Links {03}

I hope you had a wonderful week! Time is just flying and it is less than a month and a half before I fly to Calgary!

Here a few links to enjoy this Friday. :)

If you need a reason to cry, or just want to watch a short film that is extremely touching, check out Denali.

How cute is this baby koala bear with his sick mama!?

I have been trying to stretch more, and these exercises have been helping.

This was an easy fix for some jeans that I never wore. Now I have a cute pair of shorts!

A friend posted a picture of this yummy salad on facebook, and now I want, no, NEED to make it for myself! ;)

Some friends started a blog this week called PolkaDots&Stripes. You should check it out!

Since I am a total Wes Anderson nerd, I really want to visit this bar in Milan, Italy.

I thought this was such a sweet story. After locking myself out of the house a few weeks ago, I am now super careful to double quadruple check that I have them before closing the door.

Well, that's it for this week.

Auf Wiedersehen!


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