Fashion trends

I thought I would do a little blog post about the fashion trends I have noticed while living in Germany. The pictures below are from the following websites: H&M, C&A, Primark, and Nike

Jeans: Acid wash skinny jeans. Who knew that this denim wash would come back into style?!

                                                      H&M                                                                                                  Primark

T-shirts: Lots of crop tops and shirts with floral/tropical vibes.

                                       C&A                                                                                                 Primark

Pants: Loose, comfy pants are really "in". I have also seen jeans in similar styles as the pants below.

                         Primark                                                                                                               C&A

Desses: Maxi's and big prints are the style of choice for dresses right now

                          H&M                                                                                                  Primark

Shoes: Athletic shoes are very popular. Girls wear them with short and long skirts, jeans, leggings...pretty much everything! I thought it looked really weird when I first arrived in Germany, but the look has grown on me, and I kind of want to get a pair.... ;)
           Nike Air Pegasus 83 iD                                       Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit iD

So, now I am curious. Have you seen any of these fashion trends popping up where you live?


  1. Actually the clothes are pretty similar to what is in here in Calgary. The shoes on the other hand.... not so much. Only for athletic wear ahah

    1. @Cara, haha! It will be interesting to see if the shoes become a fashion trend in North America. :) Thanks for commenting xoxo


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