I'm back!!! :)

Hey all, I am back after a very long hiatus! I have missed writing this little ole' blog of mine.

I just completed my first semester of university ever!!! I am not sure if I mentioned this on my blog before, but I wasn't accepted into the university here, due to not having a full year of secondary school completed after high school. So anyways, long story short, I am completing two semesters through Athabasca University, which is a long distance university based in Alberta, and will reapply to the university here for the coming fall semester. Through a series of unfortunate events, this first semester has been insane! But I think everything is sorted out now, and hopefully next semester goes a lot smoother. :)

So, let me fill you in a bit about what has been going on, since my last update back in NOVEMBER!

December was a very emotional month. My poor husband, bless his heart, had to deal with a sobbing mess almost for the first 24 days of December. I have never had to do Christmas without my parents and siblings and all our usual traditions, so it was very hard. I survived it though, and next year, we are going to maybe plan a special trip or something so we aren't just sitting at home, wallowing in homesickness. :)

We brought in the new year by watching movies, and indulging in yummy foods and bubbly drinks.;) At midnight, it became insanely noisy because everyone was shooting off fireworks in the streets, off their balconies, on rooftops. It was so crazy! I have never seen that many fireworks going off at one time in my whole life! Next year we will definitely get some fireworks and join in the fun. :)

January was overall pretty quiet around here. Paul had his semester exams at the end of January, so we both spent most of our time studying. We also gave our notice to our landlord and decided to move into an apartment with a second bedroom, so it is a bit nicer for any visitors we may have come see us. We found a place that has two bedrooms and that is a lot cheaper than the place we are living currently, which is a total score. :)

The only thing that happened in February was intense studying done by moi. Paul is so happy to have be out from underneath my books, and I am so happy to have a little more free time in my schedule. I haven't been able to skype with really any family so I am excited to see some faces that I have missed a lot!!!.

Which brings us to March. We are officially starting to move this weekend, and hope to be fully moved in to our new place by Wednesday. (Tuesday our internet gets shut off at our current place, so it is good incentive, to move fast) ;) I am so excited to get the new house set up and take some pictures so you guys can see what our new home looks like. Oh, and we have already picked up a spare bed if you want to visit too! ;)

Anyways, I am super pumped to be back to blogging and hope to keep the updates coming. :)



  1. That sounds great Allison! Can't wait to see your new place (in pictures of course) .
    Have a great move... love you!

  2. i'm also glad you're back! maybe we can have a Skype date soon?! can't wait to have the grande tour of the new place ... !!!
    love you very much xoxo


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