Another month, another (late) update.

Well, I let another month go by without writing a single post. Unbelievable! I have had some serious blog block (aka writers block) going on. I mean, I feel like I should have so much to write about, because I live in Germany for heavens sake! But, our sleepy little town doesn't have a lot going on, and since we are busy with school we haven't been able to travel very far outside of Kleve yet, and so sometimes I feel like I have nothing to blog about. But I think what I really need to do is be more intentional about updating the blog even if it is just a picture or a quick update.

Anyways, here is our October at a glance:

We started German classes at the beginning of the month, we go twice a week and it is pretty intense. Our teacher makes us speak in German in front of the whole class, and I am always terrified beforehand, and so glad when my turn is over, but I know it is really good for me. Slow & steady, right? ;)

I definitely missed being around for Canadian Thanksgiving! Oh what I would do for a piece of pumpkin pie! Somehow, we didn't realize that it was Thanksgiving until the actual weekend was there, so we hadn't done any shopping for thanksgiving type food, and most of the grocery stores don't carry typical thanksgiving food (no sweet potatoes, no stuffing, no pumpkin filling or really even pumpkins!) so we had a chicken dinner instead.

We had our first Canadian visitors! Brittany & Jesse stayed with us for almost a week, and boy did we have a lot of fun! We took a couple of day trips outside Kleve, visiting Dusseldorf, Cologne, and Nijmegan (Netherlands). As well as spent some time in Kleve, visiting the Swan Castle and museum, checking out a couple of neat statues, shopping, and going to our favourite places to eat. It was a total blast! I am so very thankful they were able to visit, and we welcome them back anytime!    

The months just keep on flying by, and as of today, we have been in Kleve officially for 3 months! I really can't believe how fast it has gone by! It's probably been the funnest, hardest, most emotional 3 months in my whole life, but I am still glad we decided to make this move, and I really do love it here. I just wish I had unlimited funds to fly back to Calgary at least once a month ;)

us and our guests just before they left to head home
ps - this was my 100th post! :)


  1. yay for 100 posts!!

    when i have seasons of being able to "pump out the posts", it's usually when i am not worrying about what other people think about what i'm going to write. it is definitely easier said than done (as you can see the many lapses i have had!!) but really, i think our own perception of what other people think holds us back on things way too much - not just blogging.

    i'd love to hear about some of your german classes, and what kind of people you have met! i'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying it there and that you feel settled with the move. i can't imagine the strain you must feel certain days but CAN imagine the adventure that is literally at your doorstep every. single. day.

    love you and am happy you posted today!


    1. you are totally right about our fear of what others think about us holding us back. i have a certain idea of what i want this blog to look like, and that doesn't always jive with reality. But being real is the goal of this whole blogging experience, so something to work on. :)

      thank you for the encouragement!

      lots of love sent your way friend!



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