A tour of our lovely new abode

Welcome to our new home! The walls are bare, and we need some more pops of colour here and there, but it's starting to feel more like home everyday. 

Sorry in advance for the image quality. I had my camera on the wrong setting for most of these shots. :-S

Front Entrance

This is what you see when first walking through the front door. 

My mother-in-law brought this bed cover back from Bangladesh for us. I love the colours!

I want to buy a closet/wardrobe to hang our clothes in for this wall.

View to the front entrance from our bedroom

Door on the left is the front door, door in the middle is a small storage closet and the door on the right is the washroom.

View into the living room from the front entrance.

View from the Kitchen. 
Sorry about the background. The chairs on the deck are the previous tenant's, hopefully he picks them up soon, and it was laundry day. :)

View looking towards the front entrance

The kitchen! 
I am not super impressed with the missing cupboard door below the sink, but otherwise, it is a pretty functional kitchen.

 Our office at the moment. :) 

I hope you enjoyed this little tour.  Perhaps one day, you will be able to visit in person. :)


  1. Very cute, I like the splashes of colour you have added so far

    1. Somehow, I just saw this comment now. :(

      Thank you! Slowly, but surely it is feeling (and looking) more like home. :)

      Miss you!


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