6 Month Review {New Years Goals}

You can read my original post back here.

1) Read more books. This was such a great goal to make! I have read 9 books and it is only 6 months in. :) I am really loving this new habit. I wrote a post back here, detailing my progress so far. I can't wait to see what my total is at the end of the year. :)

2) Spend more time in the great outdoors. So besides this year being the coldest, longest winter ever(!) in Calgary, we are finally seeing some spring/summer temps. I have already started to get a bit of tan, and did it without burning myself to a crisp, which for my fair skin, is quite the achievement! :)

3) Do some upgrades on our house. Haha! Well, when i wrote my original post I really had no idea we would be moving anywhere, let alone to Europe! We have definitely had to make some upgrades to our house,  and clear out all our junk, to make it ready to sell. :)

4) Find a Church. This was put on hold again when we decided we were going to be moving out of the country. Hopefully, we can find a nice church to belong to while we are in Germany.

5) Eat right and work out. It took a bit to find my groove in this area. But, I think I have finally found it! Sometimes you just need a little help to get over a hurdle. So, I signed myself up for a 30 Day Cleanse through a company called Isagenix, that my sister sells. It is a really neat system, and the MAJOR plus is, I am down 20 pounds in less than a month and feeling absolutely amazing! :) My husband and I have also bought a 30 day membership at a Yoga studio and are both loving all the stretching and exercise we are getting through that. We will be biking and walking in Germany a lot, so I anticipate to keep up the weight loss up heading into the end of the year.

I was thinking that it's kinda interesting that I felt that 2013 was a transitional year, because 2014 has definitely trumped it! LOL! Maybe everything that I was feeling in 2013 was preparing me for the huge changes I would face in 2014? I'm not sure, but I am trying to embrace life as fully as possible right now, and just go with the punches. :)


  1. How was the 30 Day Cleanse? What do you need to do for that?

    1. Oh man, I feel sooo good! I am really glad that I decided to try it out. I still have a few days left on it, and I will continue on the shakes until we leave I think. When you buy the 30 day system, it comes with everything you need to do the cleanse. Are you coming tomorrow to my mom and dad's? Because I can explain it better then. :)

    2. Yup I'll be there.


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