5 goals for 2014

Can you believe it is January 20th already?! This is a few weeks late, but I wanted to post a few of my goals for this coming year while still in the month January. ;) So here it goes...

1) Read more books. Last year, I think I read a total of 7 books. Yeah, I know, pathetic! My goal this year is to read 20. I am starting off with the Harry Potter series, since I haven't ready them yet, and have loaded up my e-reader with a couple other books, like The Bookthief, Bossypants & Catcher in the Rye that I am interested in reading as well.

2) Spend more time in the great outdoors. This past weekend we took a drive out to Elbow Falls. The weather was awesome (+14 degrees celsius) sunny and clear. It's incredible how refreshing mountain air is! I definitely want to make a point of going to the mountains more, but also want to take more walks around my neighbourhood and parks around Calgary as well.

3) Do some upgrades on our house. When we bought our house, we thought we would only be in it for 5 years, max! Haha, well, we are more than halfway through our 5th year and it doesn't look like we will be moving anytime in the near future. There are some things we definitely have to fix up before we try to list our house, like the backyard and upstairs bathroom, but I also want to invest in some quality furniture and decor. Might as well make this house beautiful, since we really aren't sure how long we will be living here, plus if/when we do buy a new house, I am sure we won't have endless amounts of money to buy lots of nice, new things to fill it with. :)

4) Find a Church. Last year, we put finding a church on hold. We were getting burnt out, and a bit jaded, so we decided to just kinda coast for a bit and attend a church that we both like. But, I think I am ready to try again.

5) Eat right and work out. This is an ongoing journey for me, probably will be my whole life. Last year, I found a workout routine that I could stick to, and started attending a dance class once a week. I want to continue with these good habits, and to make some changes to the food I eat. Less processed, more "clean".

I am really excited about this year, and the goals I have set. It is sooo, so nice that my husband is finished full time school. The last few years have been very transitional, and it feels good to have more of a permanent routine. :)


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