October 2013

          October seemed to just fly by for me this year! The weather was really quite phenomenal, and made up a bit for the cooler summer we had here in Calgary. Over the Thanksgiving weekend we made a quick trip to Saskatoon, to witness my cousin, Mylandra get married.

Josh & Mylandra's first dance

         The trip was much easier this year, than the last time we drove to Saskatoon. Let me tell ya, having A/C and cruise control make long road trips much more bearable. :) We stayed with this little guy & his Mom & Dad.

James & Malinda

       Being so far away from most of our extended family, its always fun to spend some quality time together when we get the chance. :)

        I started attending a dance class this month with my Mom once a week. I am enjoying it so much! We just found out that we will be dancing in the end of the year recital in June held at the U of C. Scary, but exciting! I was 9 when I last danced at a recital. :)

        Before the snow hit, hubby and I decided to do a small photo shoot of just us. So off we went, with our camera and handy dandy tripod. We had a lot of fun, and really lucked out with lighting since it was a bit of an overcast day.

Haha, and then it morphed into a photoshoot of just me. ;)

Looking forward with anticipation for all November has to bring. :)


  1. you are so beautiful my friend...inside and out. i am in love with these shots! and you :)


  2. @sarahnadine - you're the sweetest! xoxoxoxo

    Love you!


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