Birthday Post - Robyn

Robyn was almost 7 years old when I was born. I imagine it was pretty strange for her to have a little sister after it had just been her and my brother for so long, but I am sure she was thrilled! ;) Like most little sisters, I tried to copy everything Robyn did, and would "borrow" (she might say steal) things I really liked, be it articles of clothing, shoes or barbie dolls, all very much to her horror! Robyn is very artistic, and growing up she would write amazing fictional stories and draw beautiful illustrations to go along with them. I loved playing Barbies with her because she always had these wonderful, elaborate story lines, and it was like watching a movie.  All through my teenage years she kept tabs on me and made sure I kept out of trouble. When I was 16, I moved downstairs where we both had bedrooms next door to each other, and that is when our relationship went from big sister/little sister to a close friendship. We would spend hours talking about life, about nothing and everything. We stayed up too late many nights, had movie nights in her room, and workout sessions which were more like laugh sessions because of how funny we looked. Such great memories. Robyn is loyal, caring, and has a great sense of style.  She is a truly beautiful person inside and out. I am so glad I got her as my big sister. <3



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