Belated Birthday Post - Raelle

Ok so I only have two siblings left, hopefully I will post them on their actual birthday! ;) 

Raelle's entrance into the family took everyone by surprise since she was born 2 months early! She was the tiniest little baby, and we all fell in love with her instantly. Being as I was 12 and since mom had to have a c-section, I was mom's right hand girl, and boy did I love every minute of it. As a toddler Raelle was full of spunk. She loved all things Shirley Temple, and had us curl her hair, so she would look like her. She only liked to wear fancy dresses (even in the middle of winter, she had to be persuaded to wear leggings underneath them). She had a very active imagination and liked to boss her older siblings around. ;) Over the years she has grown into a beautiful young lady, who enjoys crafting all sorts of cool things; everything from dresses out of vintage bed sheets, to jewelry and cards. Raelle is outgoing and determined, confident and kind. She is a natural at making friends and spreads love wherever she goes. She is a hard worker, and if she wants something she will work as hard as is needed to achieve it. It's hard to believe that my baby sister is so grown up, but seriously I couldn't be prouder of her. I love you!

Happy Birthday Raelle!


  1. You have the greatest little memories of us all! I LOVE reading these little anecdotes of each sibling. Sometimes they make me cry, but it is a happy cry. Love you lots!


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