Things We Are Into - August 2013

Drinks  Brown Rice Green Tea, we buy this brand from Superstore for like $3. The rice is roasted so it gives the tea a nutty, rich smell & flavour. It`s really yummy and has some great health benefits as well. :)

Dinners - With the wonderful summer weather Calgary's been having, we basically cook everything on the barbecue. Definitely grateful to have that option, and avoid a boiling hot house.

Reading  I am about half way through The Glass Castle, and so far am really enjoying it.  I've recently started reading The New Yorker, I like the little articles, and if I am totally truthful, feel an extra bit sophisticated. :) I think their magazine covers are so cool & unique. I could totally see them gracing my coffee table one day. ;)

Inspiration - I am loving the Pantone Fall Colour Report. Even though I am sad that summer is almost at an end, I think my favourite season for fashion is fall, and the colours this year are fabulous for my skin tone. :)

Hobbies - My sister and her boyfriend asked if I would take some pictures of them. She had a free evening last week, so we decided to hike up Nose Hill, we got some great shots and had a lot of fun. I'll post a couple of pictures soon.


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