Birthday Post - Josh

The day Josh was born, was a day that life got a lot more interesting for the Wensley family. ;) Josh was always very inquisitive, and was born without fear (or so I've heard from our mother). Climbing a 50 foot tree in cowboy boots? No problem. Re-enacting a scene from 'Home Alone' where Macaulay Culkin slides down the stairs, on a sled, out the front door? Sure! The stairs to the basement will suffice. How he survived into adulthood is truly a testament of God's protection. ;) Josh read a lot growing up, not just fiction, but like, encyclopedias! He could (probably still can) tell you the different species and details about all sorts of different creatures, even the ones that were extinct. Growing up we did almost everything together, things like trying to bike to the zoo in the summer (did we ever actually make it?), and delivering flyers around our neighbourhood, to perfecting the art of dehydrating bananas. Josh never seems to get intimated by trying new things, and makes friends wherever he goes, his outgoing, fun personality just pulls people in. Josh is a smart, kind, curious and disciplined young man, and is always up for an adventure. I am so glad and proud he is my brother and friend, and so thankful that we grew up and did so many things together. I love you lots Josh!



  1. Haha aww :) that was lovely. You really described Josh perfectly!

  2. :)Glad you liked it! He is one unique and awesome guy.

  3. little brothers (and older ones too) are awesome!

    happiest of birthdays josh :)


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