Birthday Post - Chris

Today is my big brother's birthday! I was so lucky to grow up with an older brother like Chris. Some of my fondest memories growing up together are, building amazing blanket forts that took up the whole basement, playing hockey in the back yard, and late night conversations. I remember being amazed at how Chris could remember the stats of almost any professional hockey, baseball and football player. He made the best double brownies and was the only one patient enough to make rainbow cookies (the cookie dough has to be split into different bowls, coloured, rolled carefully into a rectangle and then stacked on top of each other). Chris taught me how to mow the lawn, use a bbq and countless other things  He is a great husband and dad, and works hard for his little family. He is dependable, couragous, and has a great sense of humor. I love you lots and am so thankful that God made you my big brother.

Happy Birthday Chris!


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