Belated Birthday Post - Andrew

I meant to post this on Monday (Andrew's actual birthday) and forgot, but better late than never. :)

June 3rd is a special day. Its a day to celebrate one awesome guy!  I was almost five when Andrew was born, we had been dropped off at a family friends house for a couple days while Mom was in the hospital, and I just remember being so excited when we were finally picked up, and I got to see my beautiful, tiny, brand new baby brother. Andrew's birthday always marked the start of birthday season in our family (all our birthdays were between June and November) and since my birthday wasn't until September, it meant that it was finally getting closer. I have so many great memories hanging out with Andrew, some of which include: long bike rides, playing hockey in the backyard, and tipped canoes. ;)  Andrew isn't super talkative, but when you hang out with him, he just makes you feel at ease, and you can be yourself with him. He makes up hilarious nicknames for his siblings, and always uses the best slang words, that the rest of us quickly copy. He is competitive, (he has two older brothers, he has to be right?! Survival of the fittest and all that jazz ;) and one of the most determined guys I have ever met. Andrew's the kind of person who is just good at what ever he wants to do, be it sports, school or games. There are hundreds if stories that I could tell you about Andrew, but I won't embarrass him anymore. ;) He is a super awesome guy, who I am super proud of, and I am so very glad he's my brother. :)

Happy Birthday Andrew!


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