Bedroom decorating ideas...

I am planning to finally decorate our bedroom this summer. We have almost lived in this house for 5 years and we are just getting around to actually decorating our bedroom. How bad is that! Every year, I tell my husband, we have to fix up our bedroom, and every year it gets shrugged off, but this year it is going to change!

I want to attempt to make my own headboard, and this blog makes it look super easy! I am thinking of doing it in a medium or dark grey colour, and then painting the walls a light gray.

Isn't this beautious? Especially with these or these, and a throw like this one. There are a ton of darling pillows here as well.

There are so many beautiful duvets and headboards and accessories out there, that  it was hard for me to choose a colour palatte, but when I saw this picture, I knew those were the colours I wanted to do our bedroom in.

I am super excited about this and will post my pictures along the way.



  1. these colors scream "ALLI"!!!!

    love the inspiration and can't wait to see the progress pictures!!


  2. Looks great!
    Wonderfully colorful!

  3. i found a place (bistro) that has a beautiful combination of grey and purple ... i think you'd like it :) maybe on our next coffee date?!



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