New Year, New Ideas...Maybe

Yes, I realize that it is almost February now, but I have had this post in mind for the last few weeks, I was going to wait until I had sorted my words and ideas out, but that hasn't happened yet. I just can't decide what I want this blog to be... I have so many ideas, but then I don't... I hate that feeling! I am probably way over-thinking it, but I just feel like there isn't any organization or a way to stay consistent with the way it is currently... Anyway, I will keep thinking on it, and am sure I will decide on something! :)


  1. i know the feeling of "what do i/should i put out there?". the thing is, it can be whatever makes up you. if it be a bad day or a good one, or funny thing or a serious thing...we change as people, so can our blogs/ideas/styles (funny thing: you'll see that very discussion on my blog tomorrow!).

    my only suggestion: be fearless. don't let anyone else's idea(s) influence you to do/or not to do've got so much to share by just being alli!

    love you (and all your posts!)


  2. Awe, thanks my friend!

    Thanks for the good advice! Here's to being ME! :)


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