Watch out world...

It has finally happened. I got my organization back on, and it feels great! :) This weekend, I went to town on closets, cupboards and even tackled the dreaded freezer! It's not 100% done, in fact my basement looks like some natural disaster tore threw it. Well actually, it is not really that bad. I just have to make a trip to the dump and a trip to a donation centre. Then everything will look beauteous! :)

I even did some meal planning, and have some meals in the freezer that can be popped in the crock pot or the oven. I think I am more excited about this than the closets! :) I have a hard time with suppers. The thought of getting home after 5pm after a long day at work, to spend 1-2 hours cooking and cleaning up dinner is just not exciting most (read: any) days. I want to be the amazing wife who cooks huge spreads and keeps a gorgeous house, but while working a full-time job, it just isn't as easy as I imagine in my mind. (I know it isn't easy for anyone, just the perfectionist in me thinks that it should be easy for me. (Silly, i know!)

Anyway, I am really excited about what I accomplished this weekend. When everything is clean and organized I feel more energized. I don't know why, but as soon as the house is a mess, I don't feel like doing anything! I don't clean, stop working out, start eating out and then it just becomes this huge cycle of depression after that.

So here is to starting out this week organized and energized.


  1. sounds like a productive weekend for sure! i know the feeling of being bogged down with mess and disarray ... i feel like i can't even think :) just ask matt(!).

    i also wanna be that amazing ideal of a woman who can have everything just perfect (pristine home, meals ready ahead of time, errands caught up on, etc, etc...). but i can guarantee you, i'm not. i thought being at home and not working that i could be closer to that epitome of a woman ... i guess that's just the perfectionist in me too!

    all that to say ... i hear ya! i'm with ya! way to go with this weekend's work!

    love love love


  2. another organizing post coming soon?! one with pictures perhaps???

    love you dear girl xoxo


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