Summer vacation...

Day one: Alarm went of at 6:00am. The bags were packed up the night before and almost everything was ready besides the food that needed to be packed in the cooler. The car was loaded up, breakfast was eaten, then we were out the door. After a quick stop at the gas station to top up the gastank, Paul, the pup and I were on our way. We made pretty good time and got into Meadow at around 3:30pm. We had to stop at Extra Foods to grab a couple things Josh had said they needed. We did a quick tour of Meadow Lake and then we were on the road again headed the 20 minutes out of town to the Cabin. It was fun showing Paul my favourite childhood spots. Where my Grampa and Auntie Jean had lived. Main street, Coupland Crescent, which is a street named after my Grampa Coupland, and best of all the Cabin. :)

Josh, Marcia, Andrew & Joel were all out at the Lake when we got there. After unloading the car, and eating some supper, we decided to go for a swim. Now, to say that the water is cold, would be a HUGE understatement! Everyone has their own method of getting into the water. I prefer the old walk in a few feet, run back out, go in a bit farther, continuing this exercise until the extremities that have been in the water the longest become numb, then it is a slow walk out into deeper water, as the water inches up my body until the sand I am walking on becomes kinda muddy and layered with slimy rocks. At this point I have to dive in, because I can't stand the sliminess. All the while, I am screeching about how cold it is, and that I am going to die, and wondering why I am doing this to myself. Then finally the body adjusts and you feel "warmish". After a bit, the numbness slowly wears off and it starts feeling cold again. That is the cue to get out. :)

Day 2: It's another beautiful day and we were up early, Paul & Joel had the fire going and the coffee on. The day was full of relaxing, eating, reading, swimming, napping and suntanning. :) Josh bought some fireworks and we lit them around ten pm, they were very cool! This was the last night with Josh, Marcia and Joel as they had to head back to Calgary in the morning.

Day 3: Josh & Co. left by 10am. Rest of the day is full of relaxing, eating, reading, swimming, napping & suntanning. We went to a nearby diner for supper and ice cream. Spent the rest of the evening around the campfire cooking cat tails and watching the sunset.

Day 4: Unfortunately, I came down with a nasty cold :( but this was the hottest most beautiful day of them all. Temps were around 30 degrees and  wa still full of relaxing, eating, swimming, lots of napping and suntanning. :)

Day 5: Cleaned up the Cabin, loaded up the car and headed home relaxed and rejuvenated! :)

I took hardly any pictures, but here are a few I snapped with my phone one day.

Paul & his new hobby - whittling :)






  1. love the story telling in your chronological laid out post! so glad yous could make it out there this year...sounds like it was a great time :)



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