Spring, spring, spring...

*Beware: this is a very rambly (is that a word?)  post! Continue reading at your own risk :)

Is the saying "April showers, bring May flowers" really true for an area like Calgary? I mean, I tried to look up some statistics about snow vs. rain in Calgary, but I couldn't really find much data for days with rain vs days with snow. I think it is because the temperature in April usually isn't warm enough to rain to fall for any real length of time before it starts turning into snow, I think they call it precipitation when it is a rain/snow combo? Anyway, from what data I could find, it always snows more in April than rains. On Tuesday, near Redwood Meadows there was a thunder snowstorm (read more about them here). It was apparently lightning and thundering, but instead of rain, snow was falling. How crazy is that?!?! Anyway, all that to say, that we are finally starting to have some "normal" (for the rest of the world) spring weather, which makes me think about gardening, summer, and summer activities. :)

First thing on my spring to-do list: brighten up my little blog :) Super fun and very easy first task. New backgrounds, fonts and colours give it a fresh, new, updated feel. To me it is kinda like, rearranging the furniture in a room. :) Next item on the spring project agenda: Check out the local garden centres, to start comparing prices and deciding what beautiful flowers and tasty veggies we are going to plant. It is supposed to be really warm this weekend, hopefully I will have enough time to rake up all that dead grass in the yard. I also need to accomplish some spring cleaning *inside* my house, like clearing out all the big wintry clothes and jackets in the closets and storing them away in bins in the basement. :) I know, I know, it is a bit early to pack all the winter garb away, but most of it can go now that our temperatures, even at night, are staying closer to 0 degrees instead of -20. :)

Tonight, my darling and I are going out for ice cream. :) Coldstone Creamery is having a $2 special for their Love it (medium) sized ice cream. Can't go wrong with a price like that! :)

Have a very happy Friday and a completely wonderful weekend!

           Gorgeous blue sky this wonderful Friday morning in Calgary, AB


  1. hope you were able to get some of that refreshing into action! can't wait to visit and hear the plans for your yard ;)


  2. I was able to accomplish most of it! It feels great to have most of it out of the way! I am loving all your blog posts! xoxoxo


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