That saying is right...

..."Time flies when you are having fun!"

I can't believe that I didn't blog once in February, and it is already the middle of March! Insanity I tell you! Nothing really new has been happening in our lives these past few months. My work has stayed quite busy all winter. If you can call the weather we have been having the past 5 months, winter! :) Not that I am complaining! The computer application that we created in-house for tracking our jobs, is finally up and running. Most of the kinks have been worked out. It makes my job sooo much easier, since the sub-trades invoice through the same system. No more trying to decipher chicken scratch on a wrinkled up napkin! (Ok, so that only happened once, most of the time, they wrote their invoices on a scrap piece of paper with about 5 coffee stains on it.) LoL.

Paul is motoring through his second semester at SAIT. He is really loving it, and is super excited to start working in the field. He has started sending resumes out to different home builders etc. as he would like to do some estimating over the summer months. So, if you hear of anyone hiring, please let me know! :)

One of Paul's uncles, (his Mum's youngest brother) his wife and his two daughters (one just turned 17 & and the other is 18 years old) are moving to Saskatoon from Bangladesh. They arrived in Calgary this past Wednesday, and it has been so fun to get to know them over the past week or so. They have lots of stories of Bangladesh, and of Paul when he was younger too. I am so happy Paul will have some more family in Canada, and we will have more people to see when we visit Saskatoon! :)

Anyways, that's all I got!

Have a happy Wednesday! :)


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