A Wedding; South Asian Style (Part 1)

A South Asian wedding consists of 4 different ceremonies. The first is mendhi, the brides closest female friends and family get together and do the henna (aka mendhi) designs on their hands.The next day they have a ceremony at the mosque. The third ceremony is called Gaye Holud, and the last part is the banquet where the bride and groom exchange rings and flower garlands. I was invited to the last two ceremonies with my in-laws. Here are a few pictures.

Gaye Holud: June 25, 2011

Bappi (the groom), his groomsmen and family enter carrying sweets and fruit.

All the different food

 Waiting for his bride. Once the bride enters, everyone lines up to put holud (yellow paste) on the bride & grooms hand, feed them a piece of fruit or sweet, and get a picture taken with them.

Priyanka (the bride), her attendents and family enter.

 Bappi & Priyanka

Mekhala & I


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