growing up too fast....

On Saturday June 11, 2011 my little sister graduated high school. Now that she is done, only the two youngest are left to graduate, the other six of us have completed high school and are/have moved on into either secondary education or have completed training in areas we are interested in having as our career at the moment. It seems strange that seven years ago (?!) it was me graduating... So many things have happened in those years. In one way, it feels like it was only last year I walked across the stage with the feeling that my whole life was in front of me, and on the other hand it seems like it was eons ago. Almost like another lifetime. God has been so faithful to me, and I have to remember that my life is still sprawling ahead of me and I need to keep trusting God as He guides me everyday. 

Cara has many plans for her future and I know that with God directing her life she will have many exciting adventures along the way. I love you Cara and am very proud of you! <3

 Most of her graduating class

Addressing her fellow graduates

flipping the tassel thingy (haha)


Cara & Riley


Sisters <3

Cara & I

Cara played guitar and sang with her friend Julianna at the banquet.

I didn't get really any great shots of her dress, but I am going to take her out when the weather gets nicer for a photo shoot. So more pictures of her dress still to come! 


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