Becoming Organized

So my dear sister-in-love introduced me to this great blog I totally love her style, and her organizing ideas are simply amazing. This woman has totally inspired me to start getting my house organized. So yesterday, when I got home from work, I started on my kitchen cupboards. I forgot to take some pictures for a before and after post, I will have to remember for my next organization task. I only had enough time to organize the upper shelves in the kitchen before Paul & I had to go out and run some errands, but this weekend I would like to finish the bottom shelves. Then I will take pictures and post them on here. :)

I am going to make myself a goal sheet so I can go through my house and declutter and organize a certain number of things per week. I wish I could just do it all at once, but as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day, and since I don't want to get burnt out (which is very easy for me) I think a goal sheet is the best way for me to follow through and keep a steady pace.

Part of the reason I started with the Kitchen was because Jen had a very informative post about how you shouldn't keep medicine in your medicine cabinets, or any place where heat or humidity fluctuates. We were storing our medication beside/on top of our fridge, so after reading her post I wanted to move them to another cupboard that would be more suitable. The newly organized cupboards are so beautiful, and it made me feel so good! My husband thinks I am totally crazy because I love cleaning and organizing things, but you know how people say they get a "runners high" after a run? Well I get a "cleaning high" when I see how beautiful a space looks when I have decluttered and cleaned it till it is sparkling. :)


  1. love it alli! i know your house is already organized but it sounds like you are up for some more fun ... aahhh, the "hobbies" we have (mine is re-arranging ha!). can't wait to see some of these visuals you speak of :)

    xo always

  2. Thanks! :) I am having lots of fun doing it and my house is looking better too, so I guess it is a win win situation! :)


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