I have been having a very strong urge to create a dream board. I have never made one before that I can remember I don't think I have even written a bucket list. Now the crazy thing about this is that I am a person who LOVES to make lists and will find myself making a list if I am feeling the least bit overwhelmed. So why haven't I made a dream board or bucket list? It probably has something to do with being a perfectionist and my fear of failure. If I don't verbalize my dreams I will never have to deal with the disappointment if they don't actually end of happening. But that is NO way to live. God gives each of us abilities, gifts and desires. What a waste if we don't do anything with those talents and gifts! So, with that being said, this weekend I am going to make a dream board. :)

Here are just a few things I will have on my board...

Travel to (as many places as possible) but specifically...


Europe (especially Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain & Greece)  

New Zealand

Own a...

Cute house 


With a fireplace

 and a garage


Spiritually fit

Physically fit

 What are some things you would put on your dream board?


  1. ha! i found you :)

    a sarah nadine dream board must ... (just one, cuz this list'll never end!):
    speak other languages fluently

    love you amiga!


  2. Oh yes! That is a great one! Glad you found me ;)


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